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What happens when weather gets hot and humid?

If you went out for a run on a hot and humid day you have probably noticed that whatever shirt you are wearing it gets much wetter than during the dry months. Why is that? 1. We sweat more It is all about body thermoregulation. When our bodies feel hot (and they usually do when we […]

Support AWOO Team Nepal – Support Oxfam

AWOO Team Nepal will be taking part at 2015 Oxfam Trailwalker in Hong Kong attempting to complete the hattrick of wins. But while being a seriously contested race these days the Oxfam Trailwalker is still a charity event. Each participating team has to raise donations for charity. While the minimum fundraising requirement is HKD7,200 per team […]

AWOO launch is not too far away – The Jersey is here

We spent past few months working on logo design, initial product selection, product design. We also invested time and effort into search for the most suitable fabrics for this line of technical sports apparel. Now we moved to the next stage – test production run. One by one the products go on the production line. The first one – […]

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