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Support AWOO Team Nepal – Support Oxfam

AWOO Team Nepal will be taking part at 2015 Oxfam Trailwalker in Hong Kong attempting to complete the hattrick of wins. But while being a seriously contested race these days the Oxfam Trailwalker is still a charity event.

AWOO Team Nepal Kit

AWOO Team Nepal Kit

Each participating team has to raise donations for charity. While the minimum fundraising requirement is HKD7,200 per team we have set our fundraising goal for AWOO Team Nepal at ambitious HKD32,000.

You can help AWOO Team Nepal to achieve this target by donating on AWOO Team Nepal team page directly on OXFAM website – link here.

You can also support AWOO Team Nepal by purchasing the replica AWOO Team Nepal Tee or AWOO Team Nepal Jersey. We will donate HKD100 for sale of each Tee or Jersey to Oxfam on behalf of AWOO Team Nepal.

We have limited stock available for immediate delivery. Based on the interest we will produce additional quantity of AWOO Team Nepal Tees and Jerseys. We expect all orders received by end November 2015 to be shipped by mid December 2015.