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Dressing the Team Nepal for 2018 Trail World Championships

Trail Running Nepal succeeded this year in raising funds and sending 7 runners (3 ladies and 4 men) to 2018 Trail World Championships held earlier this month at Penyagolosa Trails in Spain. Four memebers of 2017 Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong wining team Purna Tamang, Bed Sunuwar, Samir Tamang and Tirtha Tamang – as well as Manikala Rai, Chee Chee Sherpa and Rojina Bandari were on the Nepal national team for this event.

AWOO sponsored the team kit for these championships. The design was based on 2017-2018 AWOO Team Nepal kit amended to comply with regulations for IAAF sanctioned championships events. The team kit for the runners and the support crew consisted of racing jersey, casual V neck tee, elastic shorts and light windbreaker. The team members were also presented with our new Wonders of Nepal Sports Cap (you can purchase the cap from our online store here).

Team Nepal racing jersey

Material: Ozone Light
Specifications: based on regular AWOO trail running jersey with 2 side pockets

Nepal Jersey

Team Nepal casual V neck tee

Material: Spring
Specifications: regular AWOO V neck tee

Nepal Tee detail

Team Nepal shorts

Nepal Shorts

Nepal Shorts

Team Nepal light windbreaker

AWOO Windbreaker Front