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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Post HK100 Interview with Purna and Suman

Purna Tamang and Suman Kulung competed at last weekend’s HK100 ultra. This was the first HK100 appearance for Purna – he just missed out on the podium and finished in 4th place in 10h11m16s. For Suman this was the second HK100 attempt. Suman improved significantly on his 2015 performance and after very strong finish after CP8 he climbed to […]

HK WILD – Our new cap inspired by Hong Kong wildlife

We share the trails with quite a lot of creatures here in Hong Kong. Many of us have stories about wildlife encounters to tell. We decided to celebrate the wildlife on our trails with this fun, HK wildlife inspired cap. The caps are made from lightweight, fast-drying technical material and are now available from our […]